about the project

Playful VR installation

SWING VR is a playful VR installation that makes the dream of flying come true through an innovative combination of swing and virtual reality – a poetic, breathtaking and unforgettable experience for young and old. With every swinging movement, you float higher and higher – over roofs and trees, through the clouds and into space. The intensity of your own motion influences the virtual experience inside a watercolor paper world.

This experience innovates in a number of areas. Combining VR technology with physical interfaces is a largely unexplored, especially combining physical motion with virtual sensations. This leads to interesting questions regarding the medical effects that carefully designed VR experiences can have on humans and their physiological and psychological state. We found that lots of people were excited and happier after the experience of flying through the fantastic world of SWING VR.


While swinging, the user leaves the drab monotony of everyday life behind, finds a place to ease his mind and to regain his strength. He rises smoothly into the virtual world. The flight level depends on how long and how high he actually swings. The starting point in the digital world is the same as in the physical: on the ground. If the user wants to fly higher, he has to gain momentum. The highest point is in space. This moment represents the climax of the experience. Here the most adrenalin will be released and the mind of the user merges with the virtual world. To go down, he has to stop swinging.

starting point in VR: on the ground.

swing more intense = fly higher and higher

highest point: in space


The design of the digital world is dominated by the material paper. This results in hard shapes and origami-folding in a 2D and 3D mix of objects. Colour fields, gradients and colourful patterns made with watercolour are used for texturing.

Technology & Requirements



Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive

Room Dimensions

Free space: min. 2,50 x 4,50 m / max. 4,00 x 8,00 m
Height of ceiling: 3,00 – 4,70 m / recommended 3,30 m


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